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How it works

To achieve an arts-based solution for mental health and well-being capable of scale and sustainability, we engage existing arts & culture organizations and individual artists within a community to provide the experiences offered through the Art Pharmacy.

A women participating in an activity to improve her mental health

As a social-based solution, Art Pharmacy does not require partners to create all-new programming for patients. Instead, Art Pharmacy patients join appropriate experiences, (collaboratively identified by the arts & culture organization and Art Pharmacy staff) alongside members of the public.


As demand for programming grows, Art Pharmacy will work with Arts & Culture Partners to expand the supply based on community needs and capacity.


An Art Pharmacy Care Navigator books tickets or registers for arts engagements on behalf of the Art Pharmacy patient, covering the cost of participation in the engagement. The Care Navigator provides the patient with the event details and know-before-you-go information, and reminders of their upcoming scheduled experience.

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Benefits for the field of Arts & Culture

Leveraging Existing Arts Engagements

Arts programming with beneficial impact on health has existed in the community for decades, but is often siloed in its work limiting the reach and sustainability of programs.

Cross-sector Collaboration

The integration into the health system offered by Art Pharmacy and social prescribing allows for a broader, more sustainable impact.

Advance Your Mission

Partnering with the Art Pharmacy opens the door to new audiences, generates revenue from patient participation, and offers the opportunity to leverage collaborative effort to creatively address the current mental health crisis.

Our promise

The Art Pharmacy Guarantee

Quality & Compliance

Quality & Compliance

Building an ecosystem
– Tying the Network Together

All Arts & Culture Partners meet the Art Pharmacy Standard of Care and fulfil compliance requirements.

Though the Arts & Culture Partners delivering the creative engagements are vastly different in their mediums, organizational sizes, and method of delivery, there is an essential element to the experiences accessed through the Art Pharmacy that promotes well-being. All experiences center:

A creative process or product
Connection & engagement
Inclusivity & Sense of belonging
A chance for reflection
Mutual respect & agency


Building an ecosystem
– Tying the Network Together

Arts & Culture Partners identify their capacity to meet accommodation needs. The Care Navigator takes patient needs and partner resources into account when making a recommendation for arts engagements. Patient accommodation requests are communicated to partner organizations prior to the scheduled experience by the Care Navigator.

Getting Started

Becoming a registered Arts & Culture Partner takes just a few simple steps.

Complete a short questionnaire to establish initial interest and fit with Art Pharmacy model.

Pre-qualified arts & culture entities in regions where Art Pharmacy is actively or imminently providing services will be invited to complete registration.

Complete an introductory conversation with us to determine the parameters of the partnership. From this conversation the service level will be established and partnership confirmed. An Art Pharmacy staff member may visit the site (or access a virtual event) as part of this process to collaboratively identify appropriate engagements to offer to Art Pharmacy members.

Once the previous steps are completed, Arts & Culture Partners are featured on the Art Pharmacy website and in program updates. Approved engagements offered by Arts & Culture Partners are included in the Art Pharmacy smart-matching database. Care Navigators may begin offering the event to members!

Connecting with an Art Pharmacy team member to enrol as a Prescribing Partner
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Learning Hub

Building an ecosystem
– Tying the Network Together

Explore our educational materials to learn more about Art Pharmacy, best practices for working with individuals with mental and behavioral health concerns, and other research on the impact of arts in health and social prescribing!

Arts & Culture Partner Orientation. Share these short videos with staff - especially those who may interact with Art Pharmacy patients.

Arts & Culture partners