Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there a cost to participate in the Art Pharmacy?

Participation in Art Pharmacy is no-cost to patients

2) I’ve completed intake - now what?

After completing intake, a Care Navigator will reach out to you to discuss arts engagement options. Once you select your first arts engagement, you will be sent tickets/confirmation for it. After attendance, you will be expected to complete follow-up correspondences. This process will continue until your social prescription ends.

3) What is a care navigator?

A dedicated support coordinator who helps you through each step of the journey with Art Pharmacy. They will recommend arts & culture engagements that are appropriate to your health goals and interests, address any barriers you may have to accessing your arts & culture engagement, and check in to see how you are feeling throughout the process.

4) Where is the Art Pharmacy located?

We do not currently have a physical address. We do all scheduling and connecting remotely.

5) What are Art Pharmacy hours and can you be reached outside of those hours?

Art Pharmacy’s operating hours are 10am-6pm M-F. You may send an email to care@artpharmacy.co. You may also call or text 833-Art-4-Health at anytime (if it is outside of business hours, leave a message and a care navigator will return your call during normal business hours).

6) What kind of arts & culture options does Art Pharmacy offer?

We offer receptive and active arts engagements. We also offer in-person, virtual and phone-accessible arts engagement options.

7) What type of arts & culture disciplines does Art Pharmacy offer?

We offer Visual Arts(Ex: Painting, Sculpting, Drawing etc.); Performing Arts (Ex: Theater, Music, Dance etc.); Literary Arts (Writing, Poetry, Playwriting etc.); Textile and Traditional Arts (Sewing, Quilting, Decor etc.); as well as Cultural Experiences (Museums, History Centers & Tours, Botanical Gardens, Workshops) and more.

8) Can I bring a friend or caregiver with me to an arts engagement?

In most cases Art Pharmacy covers the cost of a second ticket or entrance to arts engagements for someone to accompany you.

9) How will I get to my arts & culture engagement?

If you do not have transportation, we provide transportation assistance in most cases. Downloading the Lyft app is currently what we recommended. From the app, your care navigator will be able to send you a Lyft pass to attend your engagements. If you attend an event outside of our normal business hours and you miss your scheduled Lyft ride, you will be responsible for getting yourself to or from home.

10) Can I still participate in Art Pharmacy if I have a physical/mental disability?

Yes. Your Care Navigator will match you with accessible and appropriate arts engagements.

11) If I was referred but didn't complete intake, can I still participate in Art Pharmacy engagements?

No. You must complete intake before we can connect you to services. If your referral is still active, you may complete intake at any time.

12) If I switch providers, can I still access my Art Pharmacy social prescription?

Yes. Your prescription will be honored under your original referral, however you may not be eligible for a refill under a new provider. You may inform us of your new provider so that we have their contact information.

13) What if I can’t attend an event or need to cancel?

You can text “Cancel” to 833-278-4432 or call that same number to cancel. If you know ahead of time that you cannot attend, please give at least 48 hours advance notice.

14) What happens if I miss a scheduled arts engagement?

See our Absentee Policy here

15) What if I can no longer participate in Art Pharmacy during my social prescription?

Inform your care navigator so that they can remove you from monthly offerings and connect you to other support for you if needed.

16) I’m not receiving Art Pharmacy emails or texts, What should I do?

Inform your care navigator so that they can verify that the information they have on file for you is correct.

17) What if I had a great experience with an arts engagement?

You should communicate it to your care navigator and/or provide feedback via your post engagement survey. You are also encouraged to share your experience directly with the host of the arts & culture engagement.

18) What if I had a bad experience with an event/transportation? What should I do?

You should communicate it to your care navigator and/or provide feedback via your post engagement survey. We follow up with Arts & Culture partners to ensure consistent quality of arts offerings and will adjust our offerings accordingly.

19) What if I have an emergency during an arts event?

If you or someone you came with is experiencing a life threatening emergency you should Call 911 and inform event host that you are experiencing an emergency. If it is a non-life threatening emergency, you are free to excuse yourself from the event and follow up as necessary with the appropriate support needed.