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Health systems have referred patients to community-based resources since the beginning of health systems. There are many questions surrounding this topic:

When done right, social prescribing is about the harmony of stakeholders working with one another to provide mutual value to the individual and collective.

Why social prescribing?

Broadly, social prescribing solves the bio-psycho-social problem. 

Health is driven by biological factors, psychological factors and social factors. The U.S. healthcare system is largely built to address the biological and psychological components of health focusing on its social components. In recent years, we have seen interest in the social determinants of health, admist insufficient health plan coverage for screening and treatment of social determinants.

Beyond the bio-psycho-social problem, we must specifically recognize the problem in a social prescribing scheme, such as the social isolation and loneliness epidemic or the mental health crisis amongst adolescents. 

According to the CDC, more than 20% of the U.S. population will suffer from a mental illness in 2023 and more than 50% of us in our lifetimes. Thus, social prescribing can be a means of strengthening the bio-psycho-social approach to care for individuals with mental health disorders, chronic diseases or social determinants of health concerns.

At Art Pharmacy, we consider four primary stakeholders:

  1. Patients’ goals vary, but the primary objectives are improving their health and well-being.
  2. Healthcare providers have an interest in providing better healthcare, enhancing the capacity of their practice, increasing opportunities to bill along with attracting and retaining patients.
  3. Arts & culture partners are entities that offer engagements that improve patient health. The goals are to increase utilization of offerings, attract new audiences, improve individual and community well-being and increase revenue.
  4. Third-party healthcare payers’ goals vary but should always include improving patient health, which are often driven by a financial bottom line.

Other stakeholders include family members, policy makers, the research field and more. 

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