Health & Wellness through Creativity Panel Featuring Head of Service Development & Delivery

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Art Pharmacy Head of Service Development & Delivery Adrienne Hundley participated in the “Health & Wellness through Creativity” panel hosted by Mass Cultural Council at Community Music School of Springfield. The discussion revolved around social prescribing and the role arts and culture play in health and wellness. Panelists shared insights and findings of how and why the creative and cultural sector is an essential partner in the fields of health and wellness. 

Moderated by CultureRx Program Manager Erik Holmgren, Ed.D., additional cultural and health care leaders included on the panel:

Adrienne shared her knowledge about social prescribing along with how Art Pharmacy is a solution for making the movement achievable. Art Pharmacy is proud to work with partnering organizations and individuals to provide arts and culture treatment to patients across Massachusetts and the entire U.S., leveraging a network structure to achieve scalability.   

After the speaking program, attendees had the opportunity to network on various topics:

Art Pharmacy is proud to partner with amazing organizations that continue to educate and provide opportunities for social prescribing. Read more about the event here.

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