Art Pharmacy’s Social Prescription Program to Support Stanford University Students

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ATLANTA (Nov. 27, 2023) Art Pharmacy, a non-pharmaceutical mental health solution, is proud to announce Stanford University will be the first major educational institution to launch its social prescription program available to students to address well-being.

Art Pharmacy reduces wait times and improves health outcomes for participating students through its tech-enabled, human-powered social prescribing solution. By working with Vaden Health Services and Stanford Arts, Art Pharmacy will pursue the goal of improving student well-being and reducing the risk of crisis care.

“Amid the current student mental health crisis throughout the U.S., Art Pharmacy is proud to bring the social prescribing movement to Stanford’s student population,” said Art Pharmacy Founder and CEO Chris Appleton. “Anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation rates on college campuses are at an all-time high while mental health providers nationwide are overwhelmed. Introducing non-stigmatized, readily available mental health interventions is critical to reducing suffering amongst college students.”

In collaboration with Stanford’s Vaden Health Services and Stanford Arts, Art Pharmacy will connect participants to arts and culture engagements with protective and therapeutic benefits to their mental health and well-being. To increase adherence and utilization, students will have access to a broad range of activities and care navigation services. 

Deborah Cullinan, Stanford’s Vice President for the Arts and one of the nation’s leading thinkers on the crucial role arts organizations can play in shaping the social landscape, is thrilled that Stanford is leading the way in arts-specific social prescribing on a university campus. “Cultural and creative practices fuel the conditions necessary for people and communities to thrive. Bringing the mechanism that allows student participants to plug into the arts from a wellness perspective is a tremendous step forward.” 

“If there is an evidence-based, curated way to leverage Stanford's exquisite resources in the visual and performing arts to support student mental health and well-being, we are all-in,” said James Jacobs, MD PhD, Executive Director of Vaden Health Services and Associate Vice Provost, in support of Art Pharmacy’s social prescribing program.

“We are thrilled to begin this initiative at Stanford, one of the nation’s top universities,” said Art Pharmacy Head of Research Lucy Rabinowitz Bailey. “Art Pharmacy is focused on patient experience, efficacy and community-based care, and we can’t wait to see the ripple effect that it will have on the lives of so many of these students.”

Art Pharmacy’s proprietary smart-matching technology and personalized care navigation considers clinical needs, patient preferences and decades of research to address the shortage of mental health providers and improve patient health. The company integrates into the care continuum by incorporating patient monitoring and adherence programs. Art Pharmacy remains committed to reducing the operational and cost burden for payers and providers.

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