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In today's healthcare landscape, the integration of innovative approaches is key to delivering whole-person and cost-effective care. Art Pharmacy, a national social prescribing company, stands out with its rigorous and technology-enabled solution. By bridging the gap between art, well-being, and healthcare, Art Pharmacy creates value for healthcare payers by generating cost savings and improving patient health outcomes.

Art Pharmacy’s model employs a proactive approach that focuses on mental health promotion, precision medicine, and patient compliance. By leveraging the therapeutic benefits of arts & culture engagements, patients are encouraged to participate in creative activities that enhance well-being and reduce the risk of chronic disease. With improved mental health and well-being, patients are less likely to rely heavily on healthcare services, resulting in decreased hospital admissions, emergency room visits, and costly interventions.

Mental health conditions often contribute to the development and progression of chronic conditions such as kidney and cardiometabolic diseases. By addressing mental health concerns through social prescribing and patient-centered care, Art Pharmacy helps prevent and manage co-morbidities, leading to improved health outcomes for patients. This proactive approach reduces the need for expensive treatments, medications, and hospitalizations, thus further driving cost savings for health plans and the healthcare system at-large.

Art Pharmacy's human-powered, technology-enabled solution utilizes advanced algorithms and data analytics to match patients with the highest-efficacy art-based interventions. By tailoring social prescribing recommendations to individual needs and preferences, patients are more likely to engage in and benefit from the prescribed activities. This personalized approach helps optimize the impact of interventions, leading to improved adherence and cost-effective care.

Decades of research demonstrates that engaging in arts & culture activities can reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance overall mental well-being. By enabling community-based care, Art Pharmacy helps patients develop resilience, cope with everyday challenges, and prevent the escalation of mental health issues. Our solution tracks patient well-being, progress, and adherence.

Art Pharmacy is paving the way for a more holistic and cost-effective approach to healthcare delivery in the modern era.

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Connecting with an Art Pharmacy team member to enrol as a Prescribing Partner
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