Art Pharmacy Featured in the “Arts On Prescription: A Field Guide for U.S. Communities”

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ATLANTA & BOSTON (Sept. 7, 2023) Art Pharmacy is proud to be featured in the “Arts On Prescription: A Field Guide for U.S. Communities” as the Social Prescription solution to scale expansion throughout the nation. Authored by individuals from Mass Cultural Council, University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine, Johns Hopkins Medicine International Arts + Mind Lab, Move to Live More, New Jersey Performing Arts Center and Harvard University, the field guide lauds Art Pharmacy for leading the market as a tech-enabled, human-powered system that offers care integration and patient compliance.

The Field Guide focuses on the growing evidence for arts and culture social prescribing in the U.S. healthcare system along with its unique ability to address the nation’s mental health crisis. Through its expansion across the country, Art Pharmacy demonstrates a rigorous, outcomes-driven solution that prioritizes patient well-being and health system adoption.

“As the leading solution integrating social prescribing into the U.S. healthcare system, we are grateful to work with providers and community-based partners across the country,” said Art Pharmacy Founder and CEO Chris Appleton. “Art Pharmacy provides the required infrastructure and compliance needed to increase adoption for individuals with a range of health and social care needs.”

Through working with providers, payors and health systems, Art Pharmacy connects patients to arts and culture engagements with protective and therapeutic benefits to their mental health and well-being. To increase adherence and utilization, patients have access to a broad range of activities and care navigation services to impact patient behavior. 

“The availability of this Field Guide and our new partnership with Art Pharmacy mean that the practice of arts on prescription has an exciting future in Massachusetts and beyond,” said Mass Cultural Council Executive Director Michael J. Bobbitt. “We believe in the power of culture, and we are thrilled to share this reference manual with those seeking to develop programs integrating arts, culture, and nature into care systems.”

Art Pharmacy’s proprietary smart-matching technology considers clinical needs, patient preferences and decades of research to address the shortage of mental health providers while improving patient health. Art Pharmacy offers a closed-loop referral system, care plan integration, and outcomes monitoring. Art Pharmacy remains committed to reducing the operational and cost burden for payors and providers.

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